Franco-German Visit to the Fire and Rescue Department

The French and the German Ambassador, Christian Ramage and Peter Wolff paid a visit to the Fire and Rescue Department on May 22nd.

The European Ambassadors envoys wanted to have a better understanding of its roles and responsibilities as well as emergency preparedness. Welcoming the first-of-its-kind diplomatic visit were Acting Director of Fire and Rescue Colonel (Rtd) Pengiran Haji Maiddin bin Pengiran Haji Said, Deputy Director Lim Hock Guan. Also accompanying the French envoy was Katia Menargues, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of France in Brunei Darussalam.

A station officer delivered a presentation on the Fire and Rescue Departmen : besides combating fires, the department attends to road accidents involving fire or trapped victims, fallen trees blocking main roads, victims trapped in elevator, gas leaks, chemical incidents, boat/ship accidents, search and rescue of drowned victims, landslides that endanger civilian wild animal life as well as suicide incidents

Last updated on: 14 July 2018