Coronavirus – COVID-19: Advice for visitors to France

In the context of the implementation of the state of health emergency in France, access restrictions to Mainland France and to French Overseas territories are in effect. Every traveler is requested, from 8 April 2020, 12 AM, to fill out and carry one of the following travel certificates according to his situation :

  • for a trip from mainland France to French overseas territories
  • for an international travel from abroad to mainland France
  • for an international travel from abroad to French overseas territories

The document is to be presented to transportation companies before boarding, as well as to border control authorities.

Persons travelling to the French overseas collectivities are also informed that they will be subject, on their arrival in the collectivity, to a health check which may result in the adoption of an order for quarantine in a dedicated structure or at home.

Download the certificates (Attestations de déplacement international et à l’Outre-mer) here:

Consult advice for visitors to France on the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

For the latest information on coronavirus in France and the action of the French Government to combat the disease, visit the website of the French Government (in French)

Last updated on: 9 April 2020