French Presence in the Indopacific Region

On January 31st, Dr Nicolas Regaud, special envoy for the IndoPacific zone with the ministry for Armed Forces, delivered a lecture at the Staff and Command College on the “French Presence in the Indopacific Zone”.
France is (...)

Talk by Professor Jérôme Samuel at UBD

Professor Jérôme Samuel, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of INALCO and Head of the Indonesian-Malay Department, delivered a talk at UBD on January 10th : “Beloved Cousins or Enemy Brothers: Which Mutual Intelligibility between Indonesian (...)

Langues O’ and UBD

Professor Jérôme Samuel, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations/INALCO, paid a visit to Brunei Darussalam/UBD on Januray 9th and 10th. Professor Samuel is also Head of the (...)

What is the Bibliothèque Diplomatique Numérique?

Through its Digital Diplomatic Library (Bibliothèque Diplomatique Numérique (BDN)), the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) disseminates, preserves and promotes documents on the history of diplomacy, (...)

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