French National Day Celebration in Brunei

The French Embassy in Brunei Darussalam hosted a reception at the Empire Hotel & Country Club on July 12th on the occasion of the celebration of the French National Day. Minister of Communications Awang Abdul Mutalib bin (...)

Lecture on French Law Enforcement at Sea

On July 12th Captain Jean-René Degans (FN), Deputy Defence Attaché, delivered a lecture on French Law Enforcement at Sea. More than thirty experts from the Prime Minister Office and from several agencies attended this lecture, (...)

New Thales radars installed at Brunei International Airport

The French Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam and the Deputy Head of Mission, Katia Menargues, visited Brunei International Airport and its control tower on the occasion of the installation of new air traffic control radars by (...)

Franco-German Visit to the Fire and Rescue Department

The French and the German Ambassador, Christian Ramage and Peter Wolff paid a visit to the Fire and Rescue Department on May 22nd.
The European Ambassadors envoys wanted to have a better understanding of its roles and (...)

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